Finally, an easy way to search hospital pricing across the nation

We have spent countless hours pouring over the newly released hospital rates data and there is a LOT to dig into. This pricing data has been hidden for years, but new legislation brought it out into the light of day. We have aggregated and cleaned it up so that anyone can begin to make sense of healthcare pricing in America. Today, we are proud to announce our Provider Rate Search that makes the data even more accessible.

You made what?

The Provider Rate Search combines the power of a search engine with millions of hospital rates to create something that can truly move the needle. With the ability to search for a code or key word with predictive search results, and then filter those results by a number of different categories, this product can help make sense of the vast amount of data available.

Who is this for?

There are a lot of people interested in this data, for good reason! Whether you need to benchmark against market rates, or are trying to model out the cost of care across payers, we built this to enable access to valuable data and encourage healthy competition in healthcare. We are also committed to empowering patients to make better care decisions, which is why anyone can search for and research care for free at

Find what you need

Looking for Aetna pricing in the Dallas market? With two filters you have all of that data at your fingertips.
Want to find the lowest cash rate for knee replacements in the US? A search and a filter will tell you that.

Once you have drilled down to the results that you want, the export function lets you take that data to the next level. Whether it is Excel Pivot Tables, a business intelligence tool, or something else, the CSV exports are a powerful way to do advanced analytics. The Provider Rate Search also provides a clean interface to review pricing across providers, codes, payers, and more. Take a closer look:

To infinity and beyond

We are working on big things here at Turquoise and have a number of products coming soon that build off of this valuable data. We are excited by a price transparent world and truly believe that it can make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and much simpler.

While searching for rates is a powerful tool, we want to take the next step to enable action from what you find. We are building contracting software to help providers and payers negotiate transparency-friendly contracts that benefit both sides, all while taking the hassle out of contract negotiations.

We are excited to bring you the Provider Rate Search today, and much more in the future.

Sign up for early-bird access here. Have questions? Check out our FAQ or feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you think at