With the Turquoise Verified designation, we aim to connect compliant providers to cash paying patients who discover care through Turquoise Health. This is free service for patients and providers.

Why would a provider want to be Turquoise Verified?

Patients are visiting Turquoise Health's website by the thousands. Our price transparency database is also being shared downstream (via API) to referring providers, care navigation portals and employers. Your provider's price transparency data reaches thousands of eyes each week (we're only months into the new regulation). By controlling the narrative of public price transparency data, providers can drive volume, access new group markets, and ensure that their public price transparency data is always accurately updated on Turquoise Health for patients.

Turquoise Health Verified Providers are designated with a checkmark and clear branding throughout our site that assures users the provider has signed off on the rates posted.

What does it mean to be Turquoise Verified?

Turquoise Health is well aware that price transparency data is in its infancy. Rates disclosed in the CMS Final Rule may contain errors. For this reason, we want to connect patients directly to providers to assist in estimate verification and scheduling.

Providers can become Turquoise Verified by meeting some basic criteria:

1) Provider meets qualifications for a 4-star or 5-star Turquoise Health compliance rating:

  • 5-star: Provider posts a shoppable service tool (or file) + a machine readable file with negotiated rates (including cash + commercial plans).
  • 4-star: Provider posts a shoppable service tool + the machine readable file is present but missing a key element (such as, codes, key services the provider is known to offer, or cash rates). Commercial insurance rates are present.

2) Provider confirms that their data on Turquoise Health is accurate and complete

3) Provider notifies Turquoise Health when new machine-readable files are posted

4) Provider verifies website and contact information for patients to reach out to them regarding price estimates and scheduling

How do  I become Turquoise Verified?

Turquoise Verified status requires no commitment from the provider - at any time, a provider can switch status on and off as desired.

Turquoise Verified providers are onboarded free of charge following a simple written agreement. This process take 2-3 days at most.

Want to become Turquoise Verified and stand out to savvy patients? Contact info@turquoise.health to learn more.