Everyday I speak with providers who run into the pain of single-case agreements and contracting. They are stuck in the old ways of healthcare, and while they are the first to point it out, they still have no idea how to do it differently. Here is a quick summary of some of the pain points I hear about contracting:

  1. The painful sound of the fax machine and its consequent errors, lost messages, and unending back and forth
  2. The paperwork, physical storage, and organization needed for all your different contracts
  3. The lack of negotiation tools keep you stuck in the same old sandbox

If you had the potential to solve the above pain points, would you? Not to toot our own horn, but, we did. Actually, it's the entire reason we built our Clear Contracts Platform—so contracts would suck less and people might actually sign good deals. For explorations sake, let’s postulate some specific solutions to each of the pain points listed above.

Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Have you ever wondered why there was music coming from the fax machine? And then you realized the paper was jammin’…(I’ll stick to my day job, I promise). But seriously, providers are wasting valuable time working on technical issues with their fax machines. It’s time to shift your contracting into the present. Clear Contracts is browser-based, allowing you to collaborate in real-time with the payer within the platform. No more month-long email chains or miscommunication. Within the platform, you can see real-time updates, comments, and more from both parties. This will quickly help cut out any potential phone or email mistakes. And, voila, you just saved yourself one heck of a headache.

Paperwork, Physical Storage, and Organization needed for Contracts

We all want to reduce paper to save the trees and our sanity. Within Clear Contracts, you can organize all your agreements based on the type while working within a HIPAA-compliant environment. For example, you need to quickly find a specific Single Case Agreement you were just talking about. It’s an easy, quick search and you’re on your way. This will help streamline your overall efficiencies and prevent the need to store hard copies. Now you’ll have a quick reference to any agreement you have and no more digging through papers to find what you need, or worrying about storage.

The Lack of Negotiation Tools

With all the new price transparency data coming out, there are many ways you can use it in your negotiations. Lucky for you, we do all the hard work for you within the platform. Care Search will help you find the right match for your contracting needs. Since the platform was built atop payer and provider data, cost metrics are seamlessly integrated into the negotiations workflow allowing both parties to see rates on-demand. This will give you the confidence (and clarity!) you need to seal the deal. No more long, stretched-out back and forth over the bottom line, let’s just look at the data and get it done!

Increasing your operational efficiency and clarity in negotiation is the ultimate goal of our Clear Contracting platform. We know you want to reach all the patients you can, and Clear Contracting will allow you to focus on that outreach by utilizing Single Case Agreements, any Retrospective agreements having to do with No Surprises, and the soon to arrive, Direct and Group agreements capabilities.

Interested in becoming a beta user for the platform? Feel free to send me a message!