Spring has sprung, hope (and pollen) is in the air, and we’re churning out exciting updates left, right, and center. Today’s exciting announcement: Extracts Reports are live! Let’s dive in.

Reports Are Here to Give You Time Back

Suppose you’re an owner/operator of a mental health private practice and want to know rates from other private practices in your city to stay competitive. (Inhale) You’d also like to know what expanding your practice from individual to individual and group therapy might look like rate-wise. As of Friday, Extracts was your solution. You’d call us up on your Bat Phone and say you needed a couple of billing codes in a particular geographic region for a subset of payers. Once you had data in hand via your Turquoise dashboard, you could slice and dice the data to look for trends or create summary graphs and tables.

Or perhaps you’re a data analyst who’s requested an Extract before a rate negotiation. Come to find out, your Managed Care leadership team needs the rate data in succinct visuals sooner than initially thought. (No this is not us recounting your regular stress dream. This is just a hypothetical, calm down.) You’d be scrambling to turn your Extracts data into an executive summary faster than your boss can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

As of today, Extracts is still your solution, but the data now comes with a Reports view on our platform. Now you can create visual wonders representing provider maps, comparison data showing billing class or code types, and several summary tables with a few clicks of a button. Use that extra hour previously spent on DIY report creation to brew a pot of coffee, learn latte art, review the reports that come along with your Extracts data, and hold an internal debate over which Jonas brother is the most talented. For the record, the only wrong answer is Joe.

Spring Into Action

Settle in with that freshly-brewed coffee and browse this handy user guide that walks through each new report, shares how to access the underlying data, and answers some of our most common questions. The only thing it doesn’t do is fold your laundry and compliment your hairstyle today. It looks great, by the way.

Better Visuals, Quicker Decisions

With Extracts Reports, we’ve shortened the time it takes to move from the state of needing price transparency data for savvy business decisions to the state of acting with knowledge and confidence based upon your newly-acquired, extra savvy data. Much has been said regarding the size and usefulness of the entire universe of price transparency data. Impactful reports that are created with speed and accuracy cut through the noise of extraneous rates and time spent parsing rows of results. We believe we’re one step closer to the future where meaningful price transparency data is a core part of daily business functions for providers and payers. A clear understanding of prices that can be communicated to patients is closer than you might think

Get an Extracts Report for your team today!