Over the past 18 months, we’ve made a name for ourselves on the premise that price transparency is a seminal movement in the healthcare industry. You probably know that we have acquired, standardized, and aggregated all the hospital transparency data that has been posted since 1/1/21– and plan to do the same for the payer-published data starting 7/1/22. But we didn’t set out to be a company that simply aggregates and licenses data; we want to put that data to good use by layering powerful products atop it. Today, we present Care Search, our first step toward creating a bi-directional marketplace where both providers and payers can engage in the commerce of healthcare.

As a healthcare purchaser or trusted advisor to providers and purchasers, you are constantly looking to expand networks to provide coverage for your members or your client’s members, while optimizing for quality and cost. This is an arduous process. How can you know that this is the right provider for these members? Will they have high rates when compared to the market? Do their doctors have a good track record? Finding the perfect provider is a lot like finding a partner. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Think of Care Search like a speed dating event but with better odds at finding the right match.

This isn’t a simple provider directory or dating app knock-off. What sets Care Search apart from other directories is its integration with other products in Turquoise’s SaaS platform.

This product provides you with a directory of all hospitals, imaging centers, surgery centers, physician groups, and individual providers in the United States. That’s 2.6 million fish in our sea! We’ve coupled this directory with quality data from CMS and CareJourney, to help you isolate providers and organizations of the optimal quality. Care Search is built alongside our transparency data, so you can find your target providers and use Rate Sense to understand their costs. In healthcare, the intersection of quality and cost is value. With Care Search’s readily available quality information and the wealth of cost data that Rate Sense puts at your fingertips, isolating healthcare organizations with the highest value is a breeze. Much easier than finding “the one” in a hotel convention center in under three minutes.

On top of a directory with access to transparency data, you can use Care Search to directly contract with providers without leaving our platform. Each profile page allows you to send contract proposals to any provider through our Clear Contracts product.

If you’re targeting a Verified Provider (indicated by our verified badge), that organization is already on the Turquoise platform and your proposal will go directly to someone on their contracting team. Many of our Verified Providers post Assured Rates. These Assured Rates are curated bundles that have guaranteed prices, are clearly defined and are ready for purchase. This takes transparency to the next level. You’ll know exactly what care will be provided to your member and be able to lock in the cost, prior to the date of service. Many of these Assured Rates are significantly below the market rate for the procedures they contain.

If you’re targeting a provider who has not yet been Verified, a member of our team will reach out to their team, and bring them on the platform for you to negotiate with. It’s as easy as clicking “Get in Touch” when prompted. Our turnaround time is just a few business days. What we’re saying is, we can play matchmaker for you if nobody is catching your eye in our pool of Verified providers.

What comes next?

Shortly, we’ll be launching a complimentary directory for payers. We plan to offer similar services to providers who are seeking to drive patient volume. Verified payers will stand out on our platform and benefit greatly from the directory’s interoperability with other Turquoise applications. Just as Care Search seeks to connect payers optimizing their networks, the forthcoming payer directory will help providers connect and contract with payers they haven’t previously engaged with. It wouldn’t be a proper speed dating event unless it was a two way street!

How do you get involved?

Care Search is available to all Verified Payers, Providers and Partners as well as all of Turquoise’s Clear Contracts or Clear Rates Data Platform customers. Don’t find yourself in either of those camps? Drop us a note and we’ll see what works best for your organization. Finding the perfect provider for your members is just a few clicks away. Happy matching!