Browse the visualizations below to discover the current state of payer transparency data. Note: we cut this data at the end of January, 2023. We will refresh the source data with February, 2023 in the coming days as our reporting typically refreshes on a 30-day cycle.

Since July of 2022, the contents of the payer-disclosed price transparency data have remained murky to third parties. In an effort to shine a light on how far payer data has come since last summer, we'll be publishing a series of reports that allow you to get a snapshot of the payer data around the country.

Our goal is for this data to serve as a starting point for discussion, quality assurance and further iteration. Our intended audience for these reports is government, industry, press and academia - we have many more user-friendly efforts planned separately for consumers on our public website throughout the year.

Let's have a look at how many payers have disclosed transparency data since July. Turquoise checks the website of every known payer & network on a monthly basis. Here is a census of how many payers we've discovered and ingested data for since the summer (note - self insured employers typically roll up to TPAs, carriers or networks, and so we could not individually count an employer as a "payer").

Upward trend in payers disclosing transparency data by month.

Browse by payer name to find where payers have disclosed in network rates.

For starters, choose a payer name to get a glimpse of where in-network providers appear across the country. Note - some regional payers also published data nationwide for their national or rental networks. We derive these geography mappings by tying in-network provider EINs and NPIs to a mix of public and private provider demographic data. While areas of higher provider concentration imply denser payer networks, they may also be correlated to higher relative population.

Browse by Geography to see how many payers have in network rates disclosed for each CBSA.

Across the nearly 200 payers for which we've found in-network rates data, here you'll be able to drill down and see which payers publish in-network rates for each CBSA. Is there a high volume payer in your CBSA that you would expect to appear but doesn't? Let us know.

Select a payer to view associated metadata about the payer's disclosure.

These three tables give us a view of the rates and service types disclosed for each payer:

  • What provider classifications appear in the payer's data? (are there any critical provider classifications missing, such as Acute Care Hospitals?)
  • Has the payer disclosed rates for both professional and institutional charges?
  • Has the payer disclosed rates for a wide array of service categories? (these get pretty granular - but be on the lookout for high volume, high cost categories like surgeries and inpatient rates denoted by MDC categories).