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The Challenge

OneOncology needed a data-driven and efficient way to guide its network of physicians and internal teams toward informed decision-making.

The Result

Using Turquoise Health data, OneOncology gained a better understanding of service costs in multiple markets, resulting in strengthened service offerings, improved payment model design, and strategic recommendations for OneOncology practices.

The Impact

OneOncology has seamlessly incorporated Turquoise Health data into day-to-day interactions with practices.

OneOncology and Turquoise Health Tackle Price Transparency in Oncology

Founded in 2018, OneOncology is a national management services organization empowering independent, community oncology practices through clinical and operational best practices, growth capital, and back-office support. Serving over 800 providers and 15 practices, the OneOncology team utilizes a variety of approaches for supporting its providers; from working directly with physicians and payers to managed care negotiations, care coordination, and patient steerage. Ultimately, OneOncology works with practices to improve patient outcomes and access, prioritizing value-based care models and collaboration.

Historically, independent practitioners have made business decisions with primarily anecdotal evidence, leaving their own negotiations, payment design, and decision-making up to a series of educated guesses. When the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule went into effect on January 1, 2021, OneOncology saw an opportunity to not only improve its own service offerings but help its independent practices improve as well. Prior to the Final Rule, OneOncology had access to publicly-available Medicare rates but limited information on commercial insurance rates.

OneOncology and Turquoise Health got together and it quickly became clear that accessible hospital pricing data would have the greatest impact on both OneOncology as an organization and OneOncology’s network of 800+ providers. Their providers needed a better way to establish themselves as high-quality and low-cost to potential payers, and OneOncology saw an opportunity to improve its own strategic capabilities and service offerings. Over the course of 2022, OneOncology’s use of Turquoise Health data was impactful in four distinct ways across their organization, ultimately allowing for the seamless incorporation of price transparency data into all day-to-day interactions with practices.

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