We’re putting our resources out there to support the move towards price transparency in healthcare

Hospital pricing data has been a black box (inside another black box, covered in an invisibility cloak, and hidden in a fourth dimension), but legislation effective January 1, 2021 made it so that all US hospitals have to disclose the insurance and cash rates for a good chunk of their services. We’ve been combing hospital websites to find all of these files, and then cleaning them up and aggregating them into one (massive) dataset. We did this to make shopping for healthcare services easier on consumers (see our website), and because we enjoy needlessly complex challenges.

Now we want to share some of this data with researchers and academics that are trying to hold our healthcare system accountable and improve the status quo. We’re providing access to a free dataset of 14 shoppable services and their payer rates for all available hospitals across the US.

Turquoise regularly reviews provider websites to find new price transparency data. You can check out another recent blog post from us where we outlined some interesting findings of providers and price transparency. While many providers have recently posted data, we still see many providers posting files that are not compliant or not posting anything at all. Do you see a provider missing from our website that has now posted a file? Please notify us at info@turquoise.health

Note: Our limited dataset is provided “as is,” and is updated on irregular intervals. Before using our limited dataset in any form, researchers must agree to a non-commercial Data Use Agreement.

Want more?

To inquire about paid licenses for research datasets with Turquoise, please reach out to info@turquoise.health or click here to contact Turquoise Health.