Hello, reader. I’m excited to share that I’ve recently embarked on an exciting journey as the CPO at Turquoise Health.

Why did I join Turquoise?

Because of the unique combination of vision, mission, people, and timing.

Turquoise eliminates the financial complexity of healthcare by making healthcare prices transparent and easy to understand for everyone. This deeply resonates with me and inspires me. Like many of us, I have had personal experience fretting over the lack of price transparency and surprise bills.

I dedicated my career to harnessing technology, and AI in particular, to tackle significant challenges, solve critical problems, and build software that improves people's lives. I’m excited to bring my experience leading Generative AI in Google Assistant and Gmail’s Search and AI to tackle the problem of price transparency in healthcare. I believe that the advances in AI have made it possible to solve problems that were previously out of reach. For example, for Information extraction from messy payer-provider contracts or for providing a natural language chat interface to ask questions about bills.  

The advancement in AI, combined with three pivotal federal laws that were introduced in the last couple of years makes it the perfect time to face this challenge and solve this problem.

These laws include:

  • The Hospital Price Transparency rule which require all hospitals to disclose their prices and the rates negotiated with insurers
  • The Transparency in Coverage rule which mandates all payers to reveal their negotiated rates with hospitals
  • The No Surprises Act which offers consumer protection, ensuring patients have a right to receive an accurate upfront price for healthcare services

We have a lot to look forward to

Through AI and advanced data science, Turquoise facilitates compliance and helps accelerate the adoption of price transparency. Our goal is to become the authoritative source for healthcare pricing, utilizing technology to make transactions more efficient, cost-effective, and importantly, transparent. Shifting the industry focus towards complete financial clarity before the provision of care will greatly reduce friction among patients, providers, and payers, leading to significantly improved care for everyone.

While mission and timing are essential, nothing can be accomplished without a great team. Turquoise has a wonderful, dedicated team with top domain experts. I've been impressed and humbled by their achievements so far. Thanks to Chris Severn, Adam Geitgey, and the entire team for inviting me to join them and for the warm welcome. I'm eager to contribute to our remarkable group of professionals, create magic together, and make healthcare prices transparent and easy to understand for everyone ✨