Turquoise has announced the acquisition of key assets and leadership talent from Bramble Health. By acquiring part of Bramble's assets and leadership team, including CEO and Co-Founder Molly Moore, Turquoise Health aims to integrate Bramble's unique expertise into operations to further the creation of impactful healthcare solutions for employers.

"Their innovative approach and Molly’s deep understanding of healthcare dynamics will undoubtedly strengthen our capabilities and enable us to better serve our clients and partners." said Chris Severn, CEO of Turquoise.

The acquisition will enable Turquoise to harness Bramble's insights, which will be instrumental in driving informed decision-making processes across various facets of the healthcare landscape.

"We are excited about the opportunities that this acquisition presents," said Les Wilkinson, Co-founder of Bramble Health and Chief Development Officer with Hashed Health. "Joining forces with Turquoise allows us to scale our impact for our early design partners and continue driving innovation in the healthcare industry."

As both companies integrate their resources and expertise, they are poised to redefine the future of healthcare delivery, driving positive outcomes for patients, providers, and stakeholders alike.

About Bramble: Bramble is a network management platform empowering advanced primary care providers and regional health plans to unlock the full potential of their provider networks. A transparent provider marketplace that enables customers to choose and contract with their preferred network partners based on validated cost and quality measures. www.bramblehealth.com

About Hashed Health: Hashed Health, an enterprise healthcare venture studio headquartered in Nashville, specializes in developing, creating, commercializing, and expanding healthcare technology and tech-enabled service companies. Collaborating with prominent entrepreneurs, healthcare organizations, and venture capital firms, Hashed Health has launched companies with day-one unfair advantages. Renowned for its extensive healthcare knowledge, enterprise cloud, and radically collaborative approach, Hashed Health facilitates innovation by repeatedly building companies aimed at solving healthcare's most challenging problems. For further details, please visit www.hashedhealth.com