ARLINGTON, VA. (December 8, 2022)  Turquoise Health, an end-to-end price transparency platform, and CareJourney, a market leader in provider cost and quality data, today announced a partnership to integrate CareJourney provider performance metrics into the Turquoise Health Clear Contracts direct contracting platform. Including CareJourney’s provider performance indicators accelerates value-based care efforts, allowing Clear Contracts customers to easily vet potential providers based on cost and quality indicators.

“Turquoise and CareJourney share a vision of expanding the usability of price transparency information to build a more functioning, transparent, healthcare delivery system,” said Nik Kubasek, Vice President of Partnerships at CareJourney. “By streamlining access to both price transparency and provider performance insights, organizations can make better-informed decisions as they build the provider partnerships needed to support the country’s move towards value-based care.”

CareJourney has developed a universal provider rating system that uses extensive and reliable data sources to profile more than 2M providers on cost and quality resulting in an objective, risk-adjusted, statistically reliable rating methodology. CareJourney uses a data-driven provider taxonomy and episode grouper algorithms to allow accurate “like” provider comparisons. By embedding cost and quality scores into the Clear Contracts platform, users can vet providers based on their performance to improve data-driven contracting.

“Broad access to high-quality care at low cost is the iron triangle of healthcare. The challenge is that measuring provider quality is incredibly complex and robust metrics are a critical part of provider contracting strategies. We are thrilled to partner with CareJourney, the perfect solution to add provider quality scores to the Turquoise Clear Contracts platform," says Tejas Inamdar, Head of Partnerships at Turquoise Health.

CareJourney’s provider quality scores are also integrated into Turquoise Health’s Care Search, the first step in Clear Contracts’ two-sided marketplace. Care Search provides users with a directory of all hospitals, imaging centers, surgery centers, physician groups, and individual providers in the US. With the inclusion of CareJourney’s provider performance indicators, Care Search users can now better assess potential providers by referencing the metrics that matter most to patients: overall provider performance. The addition of cost and quality data to providers’ profiles improves payers' understanding of not only the specialty, location, and rates of each provider but also patient outcomes and overall patient satisfaction. Payers can now confidently send proposals, knowing the caliber of a provider before signing a contract with them.