Since we announced our Series A in May 2022, we’ve been laboring over a passion project called Clear Contracts. From brain child to reality, we are thrilled that our contract intelligence platform is live just in time for the holidays. 🎉

For how? For who? For WHY

We met with dozens of customers including national healthcare providers and payers who needed help organizing and analyzing their contracts to make better decisions at the negotiating table.

Contracting is fraught with disconnected workflows and has resulted in teams using products that were not built with healthcare in mind, and we think there’s exponential benefit from a solution that was created to solve their specific problems.

What used to take you hours now only takes seconds.

We combined AI with a contracting platform actually built for healthcare users to create an intelligent contracting solution. Managed care teams, revenue cycle teams, and even billing teams can use the same platform to execute the contracting process from start to finish.

Never miss a beat or a term with contract matrix.

It’s time to kill the local drive

Healthcare organizations are using a tried and tired combination of cloud drives, EHRs, generic contract lifecycle management (CLM) products, and some institutional knowledge to store, manage, and organize their contracts. You’d think the more zeros the contract has, the more sophisticated the methods used to manage them, but that is not the case. These clunky and disconnected systems require constant maintenance and time-consuming, duplicative data entry to ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest contract data.

Clear Contracts automatically organizes your contract files and tags key provisions so that they can be quickly viewed side-by-side in the contract matrix. We take care of keeping your contract grid current so you can spend less time updating Excel, and more time getting back to what matters most.

And embrace Precision Contracting

With a healthcare-specific, AI-enabled solution, you can evolve and iterate upon processes that haven’t been reinvented for 10+ years.

Think of things like:

  • Securing better terms by tracking historical payer trends and rate changes across your contracts.
  • Getting quick answers about payer policies to streamline appeals and inform your team of critical policy changes.
  • Staying ahead of upcoming negotiations by reviewing and prioritizing contracts with near-term renewals based on cross-contract comparison.
  • Finding meaningful contract terms like timely filings and renewal dates, enabled by AI tagging.
  • Streamlining appeals for underpayment and denied claims. Quickly find payer-specific requirements to reduce revenue leakage and decrease denied claims.

Change can be scary for healthcare. But we promise, it’s less ahhh! and more wow! Ready to learn more? Schedule a holly-jolly chat with us.